PerfectServe Integration: How it works

With PerfectServe our open architecture includes an integration engine that is source system agnostic. Information exchange occurs with third-party applications via HL7 or PerfectServe’s RESTful API.

We can incorporate patient data from your:

As part of our implementation methodology, PerfectServe will work with your technical and clinical collaboration project team members to determine the required workflows and integration requirements.

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AMiON helps hospitals and healthcare systems create accurate, fair provider schedules. Trusted by over 200,000 providers and 9,000 physician groups and residency programs, AMiON saves hours in schedule building and makes ongoing maintenance easy.

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Clinicians can proactively respond to a patient’s condition with real-time clinical surveillance and alarm management data delivered through an integrated, secure mobile communication platform.

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Nuance provides intelligent systems that support a more natural and insightful approach to clinical documentation, freeing clinicians to spend more time caring for patients. As the industry-leading solution for critical test results and actionable findings management, PowerScribe® 360 Critical Results automates delivery, verification of receipt, and documentation of critical test result communications.

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PeraHealth is transforming healthcare through the intelligent use of data. PeraHealth solutions, powered by the Rothman Index, provide a visual representation of the patient’s condition and progress in real time. Leading hospitals and health systems utilize PeraHealth predictive analytics to improve quality and reduce cost.

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Lightning Bolt Solutions is the leader in optimized physician shift scheduling technology for hospitals and health systems worldwide. The company uses advanced AI to automatically generate over three million physician hours each month, helping to create shift schedules that promote work-life balance, productivity, and patient access.

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QGenda is cloud-based, automated physician scheduling software. Over 150,000 providers, staff, and administrators trust QGenda to optimize their scheduling processes, reduce labor expenses, and improve provider performance. QGenda On-Call provides hospitals and health systems with a single, central source of truth of all on-call providers and staff.

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Reduces the need for redundant manual data entry into multiple systems. Updates to staffing and patient assignments made in ResponderSync will automatically update via Dynamic Intelligent Routing® within PerfectServe.

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Using PerfectServe on iPhones or Android smartphones, providers in hospitals, health systems and practices can combine the power of PerfectServe’s Dynamic Intelligent Routing with Microsoft Skype for Business for secure video conferencing.

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