Medical Answering Service for Efficient Clinics

Update your call routing so patients can reach the right clinician at the right time, especially during after hours.

“The fact that I don’t hear about the service, when I used to hear complaints about it every day, tells me that our providers are having a much better experience.”

Amy Knighton
CEO, Savannah Neurological Specialists

“As far as the staff goes, there’s a place for messages. All the messages that come in overnight or after hours do not need to be routed to a provider for urgent addressing.”

Nurse Practitioner Steve
ENT Clinic in Tennessee

“All managers receive a backup notification when a provider hasn’t responded within 45 minutes. In this way, no calls are ever missed.”

Tracy Guringo
Practice Manager, Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates

What a Modern Medical Answering Service
Can Do for Your Practice

Single Communication Platform for Physicians and Staff
Protected Caller ID: Calls to Patients Appear as the Office Line
HIPAA-Compliant, Secure Messaging
24/7 Access to Customer Support
Affordable, Flat-Rate Monthly Price with No Unexpected Costs

More Than a Medical Answering Service

Why Doctors and Nurses Love It
  • Stop taking calls that aren’t urgent.
  • Read transcribed messages to see if they’re urgent or routine.
  • Personalize your alert notifications.
  • Minimize misrouted calls.
  • Mask your personal number so patients think the office is calling.
Why Practice Managers Love It
  • Maintain schedule control by assigning who takes calls.
  • Set up call forwarding to the right person.
  • Keep track of messages using historical data reporting.
  • Send relevant information to your care team.
  • Keep administrative work off the doctor’s plate.

On-Call Schedule
Management Made Easy

We Serve All Medical Specialties

From masking caller IDs for psychiatric clinics to supporting secure workflows at multi-specialty groups, we have 800+ templates to choose from. Here’s how concise messages could be transcribed from voice-to-text and sent to the on-call clinician.

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