Medical Answering Service for Efficient Clinics

Update your call routing so patients can reach the right clinician at the right time, especially during after hours.

“The fact that I don’t hear about the service, when I used to hear complaints about it every day, tells me that our providers are having a much better experience.”

Amy Knighton
CEO, Savannah Neurological Specialists

“As far as the staff goes, there’s a place for messages. All the messages that come in overnight or after hours do not need to be routed to a provider for urgent addressing.”

Nurse Practitioner Steve
ENT Clinic in Tennessee

“All managers receive a backup notification when a provider hasn’t responded within 45 minutes. In this way, no calls are ever missed.”

Tracy Guringo
Practice Manager, Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates

What a Modern Medical Answering Service
Can Do for Your Practice

Single Communication Platform for Physicians and Staff
Protected Caller ID: Calls to Patients Appear as the Office Line
HIPAA-Compliant, Secure Messaging
24/7 Access to Customer Support
Affordable, Flat-Rate Monthly Price with No Unexpected Costs

More Than a Medical Answering Service

Why Doctors and Nurses Love It
  • Stop taking calls that aren’t urgent.
  • Read transcribed messages to see if they’re urgent or routine.
  • Personalize your alert notifications.
  • Minimize misrouted calls.
  • Mask your personal number so patients think the office is calling.
Why Practice Managers Love It
  • Maintain schedule control by assigning who takes calls.
  • Set up call forwarding to the right person.
  • Keep track of messages using historical data reporting.
  • Send relevant information to your care team.
  • Keep administrative work off the doctor’s plate.

On-Call Schedule
Management Made Easy

We Serve All Medical Specialties

From masking caller IDs for psychiatric clinics to supporting secure workflows at multi-specialty groups, we have 800+ templates to choose from. Here’s how concise messages could be transcribed from voice-to-text and sent to the on-call clinician.


Can callers speak directly to a live operator?

PerfectServe offers live operators who can transcribe calls into text messages, providing medical professionals with easily readable text notifications while protecting their personal caller ID. Live operators ensure that important patient information is relayed accurately. They are not triaging the calls, only transcribing messages based on your routing rules, which are determined ahead of time.

Can PerfectServe’s medical answering service handle multiple physicians on call during different time frames?

Yes, PerfectServe’s Dynamic Intelligent Routing® can be customized to accommodate multiple physicians on call during various time frames. By defining specific workflows, call schedules, and prompted responses, calls can be accurately routed to the appropriate providers.

What if the doctor is hesitant to change or adopt this technology?

We walk with you to ensure clinicians easily understand how to use the platform. See how practice administrator Lea with Cherry Creek Eye Physicians and Surgeons got buy-in from her doctor. If you still have questions after implementation, our 24/7 support team is here to help you step-by-step, instilling confidence for the clinician using the PerfectServe platform.

Is PerfectServe only for large organizations?

We work with medical groups of all sizes, from 1 provider practices up to large, multi-speciality and large-staffed healthcare systems. We customize call flows and schedules based on your specific needs, and can grow with your healthcare practice.

Is PerfectServe expensive?

We offer a flat-rate, monthly price option based on your location, complexity, and specific needs. No surcharges or minute-by-minute billing. There are a few levers that will determine pricing, so it’s hard to give you a specific number. We factor in which hospitals you might be affiliated with, how many providers you will need on the platform, how long you would like to commit to, and if you want any of our additional features. This is something we can easily discuss during a simple call.

Will we have the ability to add more providers if needed?

Yes! We can adjust your contract accordingly, and you may reach out directly to your PerfectServe specialist to request any needed changes.

I don’t have time to book a demo. Can I see it another way?

Certainly! Watch this live replay session at your convenience to get more of your questions answered. If you’re still unsure or need a quick pricing quote, email and we will respond during regular business hours.

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