Improve patient care, enhance provider satisfaction, and give time back to nurses with the most advanced healthcare communication and scheduling platform.

Better Communication. Better Care.

Care teams spend a lot of time trying to find out how to get important information to the right person. Communication challenges cause poor collaboration and add considerably to your medical team’s daily frustration. Job satisfaction decreases, and provider burnout increases.

Resolving these issues is easier said than done, but it’s possible. And when you have better communication, better care follows naturally.

Here’s The Blueprint For Effective Care Team Collaboration

Point solutions for scheduling and communication have existed in healthcare for a long time. With PerfectServe Unite, we’re helping provider organizations of all sizes move beyond single-purpose technology to a unified system that meets all scheduling and communication needs in an intuitive, intelligent, and pragmatic way.

These are the critical pieces.

It All Starts
With Scheduling

Proper provider scheduling is the foundation for strong communication and collaboration. PerfectServe’s industry-leading Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt™ solution uses machine learning algorithms to generate complete, equitable, and accurate schedules.

Each schedule accounts for all rules, preferences, and time-off requests across all of your provider groups. And it all happens automatically, in a matter of hours—not days. 

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Next Up: Communication with Dynamic Intelligent Routing

At the core of PerfectServe Unite’s collaboration bonafides is Dynamic Intelligent Routing®, the most capable rules engine on the market.

Dynamic Intelligent Routing builds on the capabilities of Provider Scheduling to solve workflows that trip other solutions up—it’s what allows our platform to properly direct all messages regardless of circumstance.

Moving Beyond the Walls of the Hospital

So you’ve got optimized schedules and a powerful rules engine that drives accurate communication. That’s a great start, but to meet the evolving needs and expectations of patients and providers, a platform like this needs to extend beyond the walls of the hospital.

With Unite, PerfectServe is bringing all of its assets together to transform healthcare communication by quickly and effectively connecting people—physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, patients, and patients’ families—without bounds.

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Patient at the Center

PerfectServe Unite supports a variety of patient engagement methods that make it quick, secure, and easy to maintain consistent communication between provider and patient: virtual appointments via video, text updates to family, automated appointment reminders, post-encounter follow-ups, and more.

Engaging your patients in their care is vital. Bringing your care teams into the communication process is essential. Keeping it all in the same platform for all types of communications is simply … smart.

Bringing Joy Back to Caregivers

When you put these pieces together, the result is technology that enables doctors, nurses, and all other care team members to do their jobs without the roadblocks, delays, and frustrations that have been part of care delivery for far too long.


One Platform for the Entire Care Continuum

PerfectServe Unite is an end-to-end platform that connects your medical team across the entire care continuum and offers custom workflows for each provider group.

There’s no need to juggle dozens of disconnected applications for scheduling and communication. Everything is managed in one place.

Unified Healthcare Communication

With the Unite platform and its four integrated solutions, PerfectServe now offers a seamless, end-to-end experience that encompasses all of your healthcare scheduling and communication needs.

  • Ingest information from multiple systems and simplify complex care coordination workflows to accelerate speed to care.
  • Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time with communication powered by Dynamic Intelligent Routing®.
  • Support patients and families before, during, and after care with HIPAA-compliant SMS outreach, video visits, virtual waiting room functionality, and more.
  • Ensure that your patients are well prepared for all procedures, from routine wellness visits to complex surgeries.
  • Reduce provider burnout and save time for scheduling administrators by creating optimized schedules that are complete, accurate, and equitable.
  • Marry provider schedules with patient demand to improve patient access.
  • Whether during or after office hours, eliminate avoidable interruptions with PerfectServe’s automated answering service solution, which uses dependable call and message routing, provider settings, and on-call schedules to direct all communication to the right place.