Strengthening Communication With EHR Embedded Messaging

Embedding secure messaging into the EHR interface closes gaps by allowing built-in messaging functionalities. Supplementing the ability for messages to be sent, received, and managed...

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What Nurses Want for the Future of Healthcare

PerfectServe’s Nurses of Note awards program began in 2021, and since the launch, we’ve been able to highlight the incredible work, determination, and selflessness of...

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Nurses of Note Awards 2022: The Public Health Director

PerfectServe’s Nurses of Note awards program honors nurses who deserve recognition for their remarkable resilience and unwavering dedication to their patients. In the second year...

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Don’t Get Spooked by Cloud Call Center Solutions

Making The Move to a Cloud-Based Call Center Inbound calls to the hospital are a critical element of the overall care experience for both patients...

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Technology: A Lifeline For Burned-Out Nurses

Kelly Conklin, SVP and Chief Clinical Officer for PerfectServe   Hospitals today face a variety of challenges, including staffing shortages, frequent turnover, and dated technology...

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