Scheduling Software for Program Managers and Schedulers

Create optimized and up-to-date schedules that support provider satisfaction in a fraction of the time.

How We Help Program Managers and Schedulers

Automated Schedule Creation and Management

Schedulers can save time by eliminating manual schedule creation.

  • Increase visibility across departments
  • Automate time-off and shift swap requests
  • Enter provider preferences like shift dates and times and coworker pairings
Department Rules and Requirements

Use automated scheduling to boost operational efficiency.

  • Make and adhere to unlimited rules and requirements for your organization
  • Set parameters based on provider preferences and hour requirements
  • Match attendings and residents or pair providers based on department needs
Actionable Reports

Make smarter, more informed decisions for your organization.

  • Boost workflows and productivity
  • Prioritize provider wellness and decrease turnover
  • Get better insight into shift fairness, resource utilization, and staffing levels

Why Schedulers Use Our Solution

Driven by Powerful Analytical Engine

Our robust rules and prioritization engine auto-generates accurate, cost-aware, gap-free schedules that are fair, balanced, and reflect professional obligations and preferences.
A System-Wide Experience

Manage and integrate multi-state, multi-entity, multi-site medical groups and health systems, including experience with 58 specialties. Incorporate all enterprise guidelines, state regulations, and individual practice preferences.
Anytime, Anywhere Access

Ensure transparency and visibility for all stakeholders through real-time access to schedule information across your provider network from any authorized device, and housed centrally on your intranet.
Advanced Reporting and More Transparency

Use advanced reports and analytics to track scheduling performance across the enterprise, make more informed decisions, and increase transparency to reduce provider frustration.
Provider Fatigue Prevention Tools

Use embedded “fatigue-buster” rules, an index, and a simple and regular burnout monitoring survey to gain deeper insight into provider wellness levels.
More than Just Provider Schedules

Use a scalable and flexible platform that can schedule physicians, APPs, ancillary staff, non-clinical staff, float pools, exam rooms, and equipment across multiple regions and locations.

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