Patient Engagement Solution

Support patients before, during, and after care using secure tools for virtual and in-person patient visits.

Wellness Management

Avoid admissions and readmissions by providing continuous support to patients in their health journey.

  • Health and Wellness Information
  • Well-Child Appointment Reminders
  • Monitor Key Health Indicators

Patient Access

Make every touchpoint a patient has with your organization exceptional—no matter where or how it takes place.

  • Automated Inbound Call Routing
  • After Hours Call Management
  • Text Website’s Phone Number (Coming Soon)
  • Website Chat Bot (Coming Soon)

Care Navigation

Reduce no-shows and help guide patients through simple, successful encounters with your providers.

  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Pre-Appointment Instructions
  • Follow-Up Reminders
  • Social Support Based on SDOH (e.g. Transportation)

Virtual Waiting Room

Maintain a safe and comfortable connection with patients throughout their visit by helping to minimize germ exposure and discomfort.

  • Arrival Instructions
  • Patient Arrival Notification
  • “Ok to Enter” Notification
  • Integrates With Scheduling/EMR/Practice Management

Video Visits

Enable ad-hoc connections to become income generating telehealth visits with multiple ways for patients to connect with providers—text, call, and video.

  • Scheduled and On-Demand Video Visits
  • Virtual Rounding
  • No Patient App to Download
  • Accessible From Core PerfectServe and Telmediq Apps

Family Member Updates

Keep approved family members in the loop during patient care and post-discharge, despite geographical barriers or visiting restrictions.

  • Status Updates to Pre-Approved Family Members
  • Patient Drop-Off and Pick-Up Coordination
  • Secure Video, Voice, and Text

Family Provider Updates

PerfectServe simplifies sending Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Event Notifications to patients’ primary and family providers for enhanced continuity of care.

  • Status Updates to Pre-Approved Family Provider
  • Satisfy CMS Conditions of Participation (CoPs)
  • Secure Video, Voice, and Text

Post-Encounter Support

Easily survey patients to gauge their pain level and satisfaction with treatment. Follow up with information to help them stay on track with their care plan.

  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Prescription Reminders
  • Pain and Status Surveys
  • Care Plan Adherence Support
  • Educational Resources

Chronic Condition Management

Help patients manage chronic conditions with treatment reminders, ongoing education, and two-way interaction.

  • Educational Resources
  • Monitor Key Health Indicators
  • Social Support Based on SDOH (e.g. Food Coupons)
  • Ongoing Encouragement

HIPAA-Compliant Bi-Directional Video, Voice, and Text

Fast Speed to Value – Go Live in as Little as 2 Weeks

24/7 Device and Location Agnostic Cloud-Based Connectivity

Mask Personal Caller IDs to Protect Staff Privacy and Workflows