Redefining patient-centered care

PerfectServe® provides an immediate, accurate, reliable connection to everyone on the care team. Our platform transcends facilities, departments and devices to truly enable patient-centered care.


Making real-time a reality

Modern medicine doesn’t allow for wasted time trying to coordinate care. PerfectServe makes real-time communication the norm, not the dream.

Greater efficiency

Reduced communication cycle times. Less time wasted. Clinicians reach the intended recipient the first time, every time.

More accountability

With read-receipts and smart escalation, never wonder if your message has been read, acknowledged or if it reached the right person.

Less hassle

Coordinate patient-centered care more easily. Less stress for you. Less wait time for your patients.


Re-think your limits

The best communication platform is one you don’t have to think about. PerfectServe brings collaboration across your entire healthcare ecosystem.

Any provider in your community

Collaborate with the entire care team, wherever they are. PerfectServe connects all care team members, both inside and outside the hospital.

Unified across devices

PerfectServe works on devices and modalities you already use today – mobile devices, smartphones, Web browsers, VoIP phones, even pagers.

In sync with your needs

Tailored to workflows and protocols for each practice, department and clinical team across your healthcare delivery system.


A perfect fit is possible

PerfectServe is more than just secure messaging. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive clinical communication and collaboration platform. We connect the entire care team in conversations that improve workflows and revolutionize care collaboration.


For hospitals, health systems, group practices and post-acute, PerfectServe’s features can scale to meet nearly every clinical objective, effortlessly.


Our fully secure platform helps your organization manage HIPAA-compliance risk across the continuum, with little impact on your IT team and no hoops to jump through.


Helping you standardize communication processes for more efficient clinical care, and less care variation, PerfectServe drives value for every size and type of provider.

A single platform for care team communication



IT Leaders

Practice Administrators

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