Provider and Staff Scheduling Software

Support provider wellness and unlock operational efficiencies using Lightning Bolt. Consider thousands of unique variables to create the best possible schedule every time.

Top Benefits of Provider Scheduling Software


Promote physician wellness by creating fairer schedules that accommodate personal preferences and provide total transparency.

  • Easily swap shifts
  • Access and manage schedules with any device from any location
  • Increase provider autonomy with more approvals for shift swaps, time off, and individual schedule preferences


Free up valuable time for schedulers by automating schedule creation. Ensure provider preferences, department rules, legal requirements, and organizational needs are considered with every schedule without manual intervention.

  • Reduce manual schedule manipulation
  • Access schedules via desktop and mobile device
  • Allow visibility across all departments


Minimize physician turnover and improve work-life balance with an optimized schedule that accommodates the needs of both the provider and the organization.

  • Improve patient access
  • Enhance resource utilization
  • Access analytics across the health system

How Lightning Bolt Works

Make Provider Wellness a
Top Scheduling Priority

Promote provider wellness by balancing hours worked, coveted shifts, and vacation requests across the team, all while providing greater schedule transparency.


Increase in Physician Engagement


Increase in Approval Rate for Vacation Requests


Reduction in Time Required to Create and Publish Schedules

Explore Lightning Bolt Integrations

Improve speed to care and organizational efficiencies by delivering the latest provider schedules to key clinical and IT platforms.

"I have nothing but good things to say about Lightning Bolt. It saves me countless hours by creating the schedule and allowing providers to manage their requests. The system is absolutely fantastic."

Dr. Brian Lahmann

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Tower Health

"While the staff-created schedule took 60 hours to 75 hours per month, the AI system generates the schedule over a 14-hour period to deliver the best schedule option for the department."

Dr. Dhruv Choudhry

Resident Anesthesiologist, Ochsner Health

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