Our Story

PerfectServe® was born 20 years ago from a nurse’s experience managing patient messages, a tedious process that frustrated doctor, nurse and patient alike. Using technology from the interactive voice messaging industry, our founder, Terry Edwards, invented an answering service alternative that saved time and reduced mistakes.

PerfectServe has evolved from these humble beginnings to offer a full suite of advanced clinical communication and collaboration tools used by healthcare professionals in hospitals and practices across the country. After adding Telmediq, Lightning Bolt and CareWire to our portfolio this year, PerfectServe is better equipped than ever to help doctors, nurses and other care team members communicate and collaborate to provide the very best patient care.

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Our Mission

PerfectServe’s mission is to remove one of the most common obstacles preventing doctors, nurses and other care team members from providing high-quality care: slow, disjointed and imprecise clinical communication and collaboration. Clinicians struggle to get in touch with each other to coordinate patient care, which causes unnecessary delays and frustration. PerfectServe unites physicians, nurses and other care team members across the continuum on an integrated clinical communications and collaboration platform that facilitates timely interaction and, as a result, better patient care.