Our Story

How a cumbersome process for managing patient messages at a doctor's office spawned decades of innovation in healthcare communication and collaboration.

Better Results Through Automation

PerfectServe®️ was founded in 1997 as a response to one medical practice's broken process for managing patient messages. It relied entirely on manual workflows, and the delays and extra work managed to frustrate doctors, nurses, and patients all at once. Inspired by technology from the interactive voice messaging industry, PerfectServe launched as an alternative to the traditional medical answering service that saved time, reduced mistakes, and promoted clinician wellness by automating this previously manual process.

PerfectServe has evolved to become a unified platform with integrated solutions that encompass clinical communication, provider & staff scheduling, a cloud-based operator console, an automated answering service, and patient engagement. Called Unite, this platform helps physicians, nurses, and other care team members improve patient care and clinical operations while reducing common frustrations that contribute to burnout. PerfectServe's cloud-based solutions automate communication-driven workflows, build optimized schedules, eliminate non-clinical tasks, promote nurse mobility, and engage patients in their own care to drive impactful real-world results. Nearly 700,000 users rely on PerfectServe every day to facilitate better outcomes and help them deliver the best patient experience possible.

Our Mission

PerfectServe is the most attractive, actionable platform of scale in healthcare operations software. Our mission is to build cloud-based solutions that leverage AI and rules engines capable of analyzing thousands of variables to optimize workflows historically managed through cumbersome manual processes. We address key customer workflow needs with best-in-class solution functionality that can be further enhanced by interoperability with other clinical technology platforms.


Guillaume Castel

Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Rohrberger


Olga Trusov

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Moore

Chief Innovation Officer

Kelly Conklin, MSN, CENP

Chief Customer Officer & Chief Clinical Officer

Bob Hackney

Chief Technology Officer

Mary Piepenbrink, RN, BSN, MBA

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Scheduling

Laura Suarez

Vice President, Operations

Miriam Halimi, JD, DNP, MBA, RN-BC

Vice President, Clinical Informatics

Amanda Brooks

Vice President, Customer Experience

Barbara Supergan

Vice President, Group Sales

Praseetha Cherian

Vice President, Enterprise Scheduling Sales

Sean Collins

Vice President, Enterprise Sales

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Knoxville, TN

Victoria, BC

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