Miriam Halimi, JD, DNP, MBA, RN-BC

Vice President, Clinical Informatics

Miriam Halimi is the Vice President of Clinical Informatics at PerfectServe. In her role, Halimi works closely with the customer success and sales teams to demonstrate the broad impact of PerfectServe’s technology, to support healthcare organizations as they establish their communication strategies, and to collaborate with customers on clinical workflow redesign and optimization opportunities. Her experience also makes her a valuable partner for PerfectServe’s product team, which taps her deep understanding of the industry and current trends to ensure their product roadmap is closely aligned with market needs.

Prior to joining PerfectServe, she held the position of Vice President and Chief Nursing Innovation Officer at Baptist Health, Jacksonville, where she played an important role in driving transformative changes—including leading the implementation of PerfectServe’s Telmediq solution—and promoted the introductions of cutting-edge technologies. Prior to this, she made significant contributions as the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at the same institution, where she worked in close collaboration with clinicians and IT experts to implement clinical solutions focused on patient outcomes and increased efficiency and productivity within the healthcare system.

With over two decades of experience as a registered nurse, Dr. Halimi possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the healthcare industry. For fifteen years, she has also excelled as an informaticist, leveraging her expertise to bridge the gap between clinical practice and technology implementation. Her dedication to nursing and her passion for healthcare innovation are evident through her advocacy for effective and meaningful use of technology among clinicians and care teams.

Dr. Halimi holds a JD from the University of Detroit Mercy Law School, a DNP and MSN from the University of Maryland, and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. She is also a member of the Florida Organization for Nurse Executives.