Secure Messaging for Medical Practices and Hospitals

Instantly route messages to the right clinician or care team member.

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging in Action

Give Time Back to Clinicians

Replace paper calendars, pagers, and phone tag with:

  • One communication platform for all clinicians
  • On-call scheduling with real-time calendar updates
  • Schedule-driven communication to easily contact the right person at the right time
Get Relevant Notifications

Enhance patient, clinic, and hospital requests with:

  • Accurate call routing to the on-call clinician
  • Customized ringtones and alerts so you can discern urgent and non-urgent messages
  • Secure, encrypted texts and updates between clinicians such as images or test results
Track Important Metrics

Monitor these data points to check the impact of time to care on patient outcomes with:

  • Number of messages each provider receives
  • Number of messages each office receives
  • Read receipts and physician response times
  • All tracked by day and hour

How the Practitioner App Works

Secure Communication Without Barriers


Reduction in Physician Call-Back Time1


Drop in Patient Transfer Time2


Decrease in Overhead Physician Pages3


Improvement in Rapid Response Times4


Surgeon Satisfaction in Less Than Three Months5


in Annual Savings6

More Than a Secure Messaging Platform

Stores data securely in the cloud, not on your device.
Works inside and outside the hospital or clinic.
Reduces referral and call cycle times.
Organizes urgent and non-urgent messages.
Eliminates time wasted tracking down providers.
Protects privacy by masking personal phone numbers.

“Now I have peace of mind knowing that our staff are HIPAA compliant. I am no longer worried about the possibility of staff sending non-secure SMS texts with patient information to our physicians.”

Patrick Hoz

Director of Practice Operations Balboa Nephrology Medical Group

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