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Sending and receiving secure messages is key to any HIPAA compliance strategy. That’s why PerfectServe lets you send and receive secure messages instantly. But there’s more to messaging than security. Your communications need to reach the intended doctors, nurses and staff accurately and reliably.

PerfectServe’s cloud-based healthcare communication software uses workflows, schedules and preferences to deliver secure messages to the right person at the right time. It’s more than just secure messaging: it’s improved workflow and seamless communication.

PerfectServe desktop and mobile app


Secure platform uptime


Reduction in communication cycle time


Reduction in repeat calls to physicians

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Security is just the first step

HIPAA-compliant e-mail, HIPAA-compliant voicemail, secure texting, secure messaging. They’re all part of the security conversation. But security doesn’t matter if clinicians aren’t using your platform.

PerfectServe fosters high adoption with thread-based conversations in a familiar app format, the ability to attach photos, routing to the right person based on workflows, schedules and preferences.

Because security is only part of effective healthcare communication.

More than secure texting

PerfectServe is more than just secure texting. Send messages. Make calls. Send attachments. Send simultaneous team alerts.

Encrypted text messaging doesn’t solve the workflow issues that keep your teams from meaningful communication. Take collaboration to the next level with secure messages that power connections and revolutionize care with PerfectServe.

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