Time-Saving Nurse Communication Software

Communication software designed to enhance nurse efficiency, foster seamless collaboration, and empower informed patient care decisions.

Transform Nursing Workflows

Accelerate Communication with Intelligent Routing

Leverage a comprehensive directory and role-specific routing for swift communication across the hospital, health system, and beyond.

Guarantee that voice, video, and text messages reach the intended clinician through auto-updating call schedules and patient assignments.

Centralized Inbox for Nurses

Simplify clinical workflows by consolidating calls, messages, and alerts into one streamlined inbox.

Allow nurses to receive and manage nurse call alerts and other notifications on the go. They can easily accept, escalate, or delegate alerts.

Enhance patient satisfaction and minimize disruptions by automating alert and alarm processes.

Enable Better Collaboration with Mobile Devices

Give nurses the freedom to work away from the bedside and the nurses’ station by equipping them with collaboration technology that can be used with any smartphone or mobile device.

PerfectServe can help you consolidate the nurse tool belt whether your organization has a shared device or BYOD environment.

Boost Satisfaction with EHR Embedded Messaging

PerfectServe integrates with your EHR to allow nurses to send and receive messages directly from the patient chart to keep patient context and avoid toggling between apps.

Embedded messaging retains all of PerfectServe’s functionality, giving nurses the full power of intelligent routing inside the EHR.

Reduce Interruptions with Prioritized Notifications

Nurses can set specific ringtones for urgent messages and hold nonurgent notifications to reduce care disruptions.

Tasks like water requests can automatically be routed to a patient care tech or a similar role to allow nurses to engage in more top-of-license work.

Mobilize Rapid Response Teams Quickly

Alert multiple assigned care team members to emergencies like code blue, STEMI, sepsis, and stroke with just one click.

Rapid critical result reporting notifies the correct, on-call provider and team members at once to shorten response time and protect patient safety.

The Perks of Simplifying Communication


Reduction in Physician Callback Time


Saved in Overtime Costs


Reduction in Overtime Hours


Increase in HCAHPS Scores

EHR Embedded Messaging: No More
Jumping from App to App


Increase in Nurse Satisfaction with Communication Workflows


in Annual Time Savings


Decrease in Time to Initiate Communication


YoY Increase in PerfectServe Communication

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“Our nurses have always prided themselves on providing the best patient care, so their excellence was never in question, but working with PerfectServe to streamline so many of their clinical workflows and unlock new efficiencies in the care delivery process has been a tremendous satisfier for the whole team.”

Sue Armentrout

VP of Nursing Informatics, Clinical Technology, and Evidence-Based Practice
Bon Secours Mercy Health

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