Cloud-Based Healthcare Operator Console

Empower operators to seamlessly manage calls across patients and care team members with a modern console for transfers and inbound callers.

Reduce Operator Frustration and
Improve Workflows

Expedited Care
  • Team activations give operators a reliable way to instantly mobilize specific groups, such as stroke or STEMI response teams
  • Attach patient records to messages as an easy reference for physicians
Reduced Messaging Frustration
  • Reliable two-way messaging that shows when messages are sent, received, and read
  • Console allows operators to easily view care team members and send messages
  • Powerful search queries make it easy to find the right physician in real time
Improved Contact Workflows
  • Easily see call queues, active calls, parked callers, and call history
  • See who’s on call without looking at paper schedules
  • Cloud-based console allows operators to support hospitals from any location

Flexibility, Powerful Analytics, and
Real-Time Schedules

Deep dive discovery for integration and vendor consolidation strategy
Analytics to better manage human resources
Schedule updates propagate to all users (mobile, console, and call center)
Safe, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant operator console for contact and transfer centers
Integrated schedules removes the need for manual double entries
Virtual call queues to manage resources across facilitates

Driving Real-World Results: Methodist
Le Bonheur Healthcare


The percentage drop that MLH experienced in the time it takes to place an accepted transfer patient into a clean bed.

2 Hours

MLH’s largest hospital dropped its average discharge-to-depart time to an optimal two-hour window.

Real-Time Monitoring

Call center agents can monitor call volume in real time and jump call queues as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “No More Upgrades” mean?

Our cloud-based system is designed to eliminate the need for constant updates and upgrades, providing you with a stable and reliable platform without the hassle of frequent software or hardware updates.

How does the system reduce the risk of downtime and costs?

By providing reliable uptime of 99.99% and minimizing the need for upgrades, our system helps reduce the risk of downtime and associated costs for your organization.

Does the system work with existing PBX/ Phone Systems?

Yes, our system seamlessly integrates with your existing PBX/Phone System through SIP Integration, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Can operators support hospitals from any location?

Yes, our system enables operators to effectively support hospitals from any location with internet access, ensuring seamless communication regardless of physical location.

What is the Shared Directory of Users and Providers?

The Shared Directory allows for easy access to contact information for users and providers, streamlining communication within your organization.

How does the system provide a better call-in experience for patients?

Our system offers features such as clinical and staff directory, customizable interfaces, and instant mass notifications, ensuring a smooth and efficient call-in experience for patients.

Can the system send mass notifications instantly? (E911)

Yes, our system allows for the instant sending of mass notifications, ensuring timely communication with relevant parties.

Does the system support two-way messaging with sent, received, and read receipts?

Yes, our system supports two-way messaging with comprehensive tracking of message status, including sent, received, and read receipts.

What information can be viewed within the console?

The console provides access to call queues, active calls, parked callers, call history, codes, PHI, shared directory, schedules, and information on who’s currently on call within the organization.

How does the system ensure patient information is provided as needed?

Our system integrates with your EHR and is designed to provide relevant patient information during communications, ensuring that operators have access to necessary information when interacting with patients and providers.

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