8 Essentials for Transfer Center Operations in Healthcare


When medical clinics, specialists, or other referring providers need to transfer a patient, how long are they left on hold while trying to coordinate care? The healthcare transfer center is a critical element of the care experience for patients and referring physicians, but outdated technology can inhibit this fundamental component of care delivery. Legacy on-prem systems can’t always facilitate the kinds of workflows needed to promote efficiency in today’s healthcare environment, in large part due to their limited support of integrations.

That’s a major drawback, because integrations with key hospital systems can support higher turnover and throughput rates to ensure your hospitals are running at maximum capacity. With the right integrations, health systems can achieve better call-in experiences for care team members and referring providers, streamlined communication workflows, higher agent satisfaction, more accurate call routing, and reduced referral leakage. 

We’ve outlined eight essential integrations for improved operations in your transfer center in the infographic below:

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