Prioritizing Trust and Security

Place your trust in a vendor with over 25 years of experience building and implementing scheduling and communication solutions to the highest security standards.

PerfectServe Stands Out from the Crowd

Fully Encrypted Data

PerfectServe exceeds industry encryption standards, utilizing at least AES-256 encryption at rest and TLSv1.2+ encryption in flight.

Complete Audit Trail

All message activity is auditable by date, time, activity type, authenticated user, interface, and more.

No Locally Cached Data

Message content and other PHI is refreshed every time a user access it on any screen, eliminating on-device storage.

Exceeds Industry Privacy Standards

SOC 2 compliant and approved by Censinet, an AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Provider, based on HIPAA & NIST framework. Please request our latest reports!

PHI Filtering

Known PHI fields and message body—which often includes PHI—are automatically removed from notifications sent to unsecured devices (such as alphanumeric pagers or cell phones) via SMS text.

Account and Application Security

Customizable security settings and measures include PIN authentication with 4-10 digits, automatic logout due to inactivity, and password expiration at variable time frames.

Cybersecurity Transparent Pioneer

PerfectServe has been recognized by Censinet and KLAS as a “Cybersecurity Transparent” pioneer in recognition of our efforts to build secure and innovative solutions with critical IT security programs.

Why Security Matters

Neglecting patient record privacy risks HIPAA penalties and harms your reputation throughout your community.

About 93% of healthcare organizations faced data breaches in the past three years, with 57% encountering over five breaches in that period.

Between 2005 and 2019, healthcare data breaches impacted 249.09 million people, with over 50% (157.40 million) affected during 2015-2019.

The average US data breach impacts over 25,000 patient records and costs over $15 million.

Even a Tier 1 HIPAA violation (unaware of the violation and acting with due diligence) can result in a fine of up to $50,000.

In 2022, healthcare saw nearly 1,500 cyber attacks per week, a 60% rise from 2021.


1. Censinet and KLAS: Making it Easy to Assess Cybersecurity Preparedness. Czech D., Harris K., KLAS Research. October 13, 2021.

More Security = Better Clinical Communication

Want to learn more about the importance of HIPAA-compliant communication and detailed security measures?
Increasing the Impact of the
Smart Mobile Device

“Most healthcare organizations have a high volume of wireless access points situated across multiple facilities. As a result, a device’s usability and performance in managing patient handoffs between access points is influenced significantly.”

SaaS Solutions Enhance Security with
Over-the-Air Updates

“PerfectServe’s cloud-based call center software is HIPAA-compliant and complies with all SOC 2 audit requirements, providing safety and security for the healthcare system and its providers and patients.”

PerfectServe is Highest in Execution in Gartner®️ Magic Quadrant™️ for CC&C

“PerfectServe® … today announced that Gartner has positioned the company as a Leader and highest in execution in the inaugural Magic Quadrant for Clinical Communication and Collaboration. PerfectServe was one of eight vendors evaluated for the report.”

Addressing Clinical Communication
Security With PerfectServe

“Having a common communication system between all of our hospitals makes it more convenient for physicians to care for their patients at the hospitals within our organization.”

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