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Collaborate with a trusted partner to connect teams throughout the care continuum, consolidate vendor footprint to reduce costs, and elevate patient care quality with technology that your staff will actually want to use.

Drivers of Value for PerfectServe Customers*


Annual Savings from Hardware and Vendor Replacement


Estimated Costs Avoided by Reducing Patient Harm During Care Transitions


Reduction in Length of Stay


More Patients Served Per Year Following Call Center Automation


Reduction in Nurse Overtime Hours


Reduced Readmissions Allowing Patients to Remain at Home

*Data represents outcomes from individual PerfectServe customers.

Why PerfectServe Makes Financial Sense

Be More Efficient
  • Enhanced Care Team Collaboration: Efficient communication fosters better collaboration among care teams, reducing delays and improving care coordination.
  • Faster Response Times: Intelligent routing ensures messages reach the right provider promptly, enabling faster response times and improved patient care.
  • Seamless Integrations: PerfectServe supports 250+ integrations to facilitate information exchange between key clinical systems.
  • Schedule Visibility: Whether you use PerfectServe’s native on-call scheduling or the enhanced Lightning Bolt solution, clear visibility into schedules enhances workflow efficiency to reduce care delays and potential bottlenecks.
Reduce Costs
  • Consolidated Vendor Expenses: Implementing PerfectServe eliminates the need for multiple communication vendors, streamlining expenses and improving budget management.
  • Lower Operating Costs: 100% cloud-based platform with virtually no hardware expenses or maintenance required, with downtime-free upgrades and updates included.
  • Reduced Length of Stay: Some PerfectServe customers have seen length of stay drop by over 5% after implementation, reducing the average cost of patient care.
  • Lower Overtime Costs: More efficient care team collaboration can lead to reduced overtime expenses for staff, optimizing labor costs.
  • Reduced Readmissions: Better post-discharge communication with patients can help to ensure care plan adherence and reduce the likelihood of readmission.
Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Quicker Care Decisions: Timely and accurate communication empowers providers to make faster, more informed decisions and patient care.
  • Patient-Centered Care: Streamlined communication processes allow providers to focus more intently on patient needs, allowing them to deliver true patient-centered care.
  • Enhanced Care Transitions: Seamless communication during care transitions reduces the risk of errors and improves patient safety.
  • Improved Care Continuity: Effective communication often leads to improved care continuity, especially during shift changes and handoffs.

“[PerfectServe has] approached our relationship as an opportunity to succeed together, and when you combine the depth of their knowledge with the extensibility, functionality, and reliability of their products, [they’re] hard to beat in my opinion. Our partnership is still growing, and I look forward to continued benefits.”

Dr. Doug McKee

Chief Medical Information Officer Health First

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