Bob Hackney

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer at PerfectServe, Bob Hackney brings over 20 years of experience in IT operations and systems engineering with a track record for leading high-performing teams in the healthcare, fintech, and telecom industries. Much of his success has come from executing transformative technology initiatives with cutting-edge research and development, which aligns closely with PerfectServe’s commitment to building innovative solutions that put patients at the center of the care process.

With a wide-ranging background in cloud migrations, cloud business operations, and technical infrastructure engineering, Hackney has consistently driven global teams to banner success regardless of sector. His history of bringing technological advancements to life is key for PerfectServe as the company looks for new ways to enhance its status as a market leader in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Hackney’s leadership style is characterized by visionary thinking and a penchant for collaboration, which makes him well-suited to manage a team that is central to PerfectServe’s mission of uniting healthcare professionals with streamlined communication that facilitates better patient outcomes. His commitment to fostering inclusion and empowering his team members creates a supportive work environment that exemplifies some of PerfectServe’s most important core values.

Hackney’s time in the Marines showed him the power of helping other people reach their full potential, and he gets to channel that passion every day as the leader of a talented technology team. Outside of work, his wife, children, and grandchildren are the steady center of his universe.