How to Streamline Call Management Across State Lines

Dr. Beers-Rossi, M.D.,

Key West, FL

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Dr. Beers-Rossi, M.D., Psychiatry, is a small, private psychiatric practice located in Key West specializing in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatric care. The practice is run by a mother-daughter team: Dr. Rossi, the practicing psychiatrist, and office manager Pam Beers, who handles calls, appointment scheduling, and administrative duties.

Pam works out of an office in upstate New York, while Dr. Rossi runs the private practice in Florida. Living so far apart means call management and practice communication have to be streamlined and organized. As Pam describes it, the pair “have to work lean and mean” to keep things running smoothly.


Dr. Rossi and Pam previously used a live answering service for call coverage both during and after office hours. Pam typically works from 1 to 5 PM on weekdays, and the previous service managed all calls outside of those times. Though this service mostly worked, patient information—such as callback numbers and name spellings—was frequently incorrect, and patients experienced long wait times when trying to connect with Pam or leave a message. Furthermore, patients were often confused about open hours and would express displeasure about not being able to connect to discuss appointment changes and medication refills.

With Pam and Dr. Rossi working in different locations, they needed an answering service that could automatically manage calls whenever the phone wasn’t being monitored. They preferred a service that would transcribe patient voicemails for more accurate information sharing. Their previous service had subpar customer support, and when the service was bought out, there was limited time to find a new vendor. Healthcare often presents its workers with a dizzying array of technology systems to juggle all at once, and like many others in the profession, Pam can sometimes feel overwhelmed. For that reason, she really wanted a user-friendly solution with reliable service that would also improve the patient call-in experience.


In her quest to find another solution, Dr. Rossi searched for an automated answering service provider. She found PerfectServe’s answering service and its voice-to-text transcription option and forwarded the information to Pam. Within a week, PerfectServe was implemented into the call workflow for Dr. Rossi’s private practice. After initial training, Pam described the learning process as easy and the solution as user-friendly.

“I reached out for tech help when we first started, and you guys were amazing,” Pam said. “Somebody called me right away and was able to explain things so that I could easily understand how the system works. A lot of techy people ‘get it,’ but they don’t know how to explain it. You guys know how to explain it!”

Across State Lines

PerfectServe’s automated answering service now manages all inbound calls for the practice when Pam is not monitoring the phone. The service automatically routes patients through an easy-to-understand phone tree, and all voicemails are instantly transcribed and stored for Pam to check the next day. The system also stores one-click callback numbers so Pam can easily call patients back when needed. And when Pam returns a call from her location in New York, it displays Dr. Rossi’s office number in Florida, protecting their personal life with a masked caller ID.



Time Savings
  • Thanks to PerfectServe’s cloud-based technology, both Pam and Dr. Rossi can easily manage calls in the PerfectServe app from anywhere.
  • After implementation, Pam estimated a daily time savings of two hours for managing calls and voicemail messages.


Detailed Call and Message Management
  • All inbound calls are now monitored and tracked to simplify records.
  • Patient voicemails are instantly transcribed for Pam to read, making it easier to maintain accurate patient information.
  • Voicemails automatically collect a one-touch callback number for simple, efficient workflows.



Improved Customer Service
  • 24/7 customer service and support.
  • Customized user training with the implementation team.


Happier Patients
  • PerfectServe’s phone tree guides patients through important information in a clear and concise way, simplifying their call-in experience and avoiding confusion about details like business hours.
  • For routine prescription refills or non-urgent requests, patients can confidently leave messages knowing that Pam and Dr. Rossi will get back to them during regular office hours.
  • For urgent requests, Pam and Dr. Rossi have customized alert notifications via the PerfectServe app so they can respond to the needs of their patients based on urgency.


Serving the mental health needs of a local community can be overwhelming for a psychiatrist, especially when outdated services and technology make it difficult to manage communication with patients. With PerfectServe’s efficient answering service and secure messaging workflows in place, patients now have confidence that their calls will always land in the right place. As a bonus, Pam gets to spend less time managing calls and more time helping Dr. Rossi with urgent needs.

By implementing an automated answering service with dedicated support, Dr. Beers-Rossi, M.D., Psychiatry now has seamless message tracking, a positive (and consistent) call-in experience for patients, and call workflows that make sense for their practice.

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