Care team collaboration praised at Advocate Medical Group with implementation of PerfectServe

Advocate care team collaboration

Advocate Medical Group (AMG), a Chicago-based medical group with over 1,500 physicians and specialists at more than 200 different practice sites, opened a centralized contact center in February 2014 to provide 24/7/365 coverage for 500 physicians across 40 of their sites. The center is also the main hub for patients to contact their doctors and other clinicians.

Expectations for the center were high. But the center’s technology wasn’t up to the task.

“Our technology didn’t allow messages to be transmitted in a meaningful or secure manner,” says Dr. Jennifer DeBruler, medical director of Advocate Medical Group. “We knew we were using an outdated technology, and we planned to implement something new.”

AMG resolved to find a secure communications technology that was fully automated—eliminating the need to update call schedules, and facilitating real-time calls with secure voice and text messages.

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