Encounter Navigation

Support patients and their families before, during and after procedures with PerfectServe’s Encounter Navigation.

Increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes

It’s an easy-to-implement solution that works for encounters ranging from complex surgeries and in-patient stays to primary care appointments and wellness visits.

Encounter Navigation is designed to increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes and save time for your care teams and staff.

Encounter navigator

We’ve driven significant results, from preparing the patient before the procedure to following up at home after discharge. Consider these real-world examples:

Well-child reminders

We collaborated with one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems on a custom preventative care initiative. 70% of recipients scheduled an appointment.

Preventative campaigns

We support a leading health insurer with a campaign designed to educate patients about preventative care and drive appointment scheduling. The campaign has delivered a >50% improvement in the scheduling rate.

Day-of-procedure support for family members

We worked with an academic medical center to develop simple tools that could replace pagers in waiting areas. Admission staff and clinical teams are using the solution to send real-time updates to family members throughout a procedure.

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