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patient engagement white paper

Better Communication. Better Outcomes

PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication tool uses a text-first approach to simplify and dramatically improve the patient communication process.  The solution is easy to implement and effectively reaches patients where they are most accessible – on their phones.  From appointment reminders, to surgical follow up, provide ongoing support for patients before, during and after care.  Learn how improved communication can help reduce no-shows, reduce readmissions, and better manage chronic conditions for improved outcomes.

patient engagement white paper

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patient engagement

Overcoming Patient Engagement Challenges

Low patient portal usage, poor care plan adherence and time consuming patient outreach has left clinicians searching for new ways to engage patients and their families. In this white paper, PerfectServe outlines the challenges care teams are facing today, a new model of connecing with patients and key use cases for its success. This paper offers stategies for reducing no-shows, reducing readmissions, improving well child appointment attendance, chronic condition management support, and improving satisfaction survey responses. Simple communication is concise, timely, relevant, and accessible to the vast majority of consumers with little or no learning curve. Download the white paper to learn more.

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About PerfectServe®

PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication solution is trusted by hundreds of facilities across the US to improve key metrics such as readmissions, satisfaction, no-show rates and HEDIS scores. Whether you’re looking for a new medical answering service solution or an enterprise-wide clinical communication and collaboration platform, PerfectServe’s solution scales to meet your needs.