PerfectServe Ramps Up Lightning Bolt Innovation with Full AnesthesiaGo Integration, New Automation Capabilities

Additional features enhance Lightning Bolt’s position as the market leader in provider scheduling

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. [November 17, 2022] ­— PerfectServe®, a leading provider of clinical collaboration and scheduling solutions, today announced the full integration of AnesthesiaGo within the Lightning Bolt scheduling platform following an acquisition this year. As it leads the charge to unify advanced scheduling and communication technology, PerfectServe also unveiled new automation capabilities to better support a seamless, first-class integration between Lightning Bolt and its clinical communication solutions.

“The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and that’s why a steady drip of product innovation is critical for PerfectServe,” said Perfect CEO Guillaume Castel. “By embedding AnesthesiaGo within the Lightning Bolt ecosystem, we’re giving providers everything they need to know about schedules—whether it’s the OR case schedule for the next day or the weekly schedule for the middle of next month—in a single app accessible from the palm of their hand.”

With this new integration, AnesthesiaGo now operates natively within the Lightning Bolt platform. For anesthesia practices, this means Lightning Bolt is a one-stop shop for all elements of the daily schedule, from case assignments to location and/or room number for each procedure. Not only is data available for the provider, but also for others in the organization. 

AnesthesiaGo significantly reduces schedule creation time, promotes efficiency and transparency for surgical staff, and improves OR resource utilization with the only technology on the market that auto-generates daily OR case schedules. It also reduces case delays and cancellations resulting from manual scheduling errors and promotes provider wellness with a teaming function that allows surgeon and anesthesia provider preferences, pairing providers who work well together.

Against a backdrop of healthcare technology acquisitions that often result in poorly integrated solutions, PerfectServe’s focus on first-class integrations has also yielded new automation capabilities that enable faster syncing between Lightning Bolt and the company’s clinical collaboration solutions. This means users and their corresponding schedules are accurately mapped between the solutions at all times, even if frequent changes occur. As more organizations deploy PerfectServe’s Unite platform, which brings its advanced scheduling and communication capabilities together, this seamless automation will drive real-time schedule visibility and accuracy that further enable the industry’s most effective care team collaboration workflows.

“The strides we’re making with automation ensure that our solutions maintain best-in-class functionality,” said Castel. “Automating manual tasks has been the name of our game for a long time, and in this case, the result is even tighter, real-time schedule syncing across our solutions. It’s exceptionally complex work that yields simple, powerful results.”

All of these efforts supplement an award-winning Lightning Bolt platform that already manages more than 11 million scheduled hours each month for hundreds of healthcare facilities. Lightning Bolt streamlines operations for providers as well as nurses and other ancillary staff, improving clinician satisfaction by:

  • Quickly generating optimized, accurate schedules with no gaps
  • Simplifying time-off requests and enabling easy shift swaps
  • Accounting for individual preferences when building schedules
  • Allowing quick online shift changes and schedule adjustments
  • Providing easy access to schedules anywhere, any time

Lightning Bolt is also supported by a dedicated team of consultants, customer success advisors, and other technical experts who partner closely with each customer from start to finish and beyond to ensure the solution is tailored specifically to the needs of their organization—however large or small.

To learn more about Lightning Bolt and AnesthesiaGo, visit the Lightning Bolt website.

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PerfectServe accelerates speed to care by optimizing provider schedules, streamlining clinical communication, and engaging patients and their families in the care experience. Our cloud-based software simplifies complex clinical workflows and schedules with secure and timely communication by dynamically routing messages to the right person at the right time. We drive more efficient care collaboration in all settings to improve patient outcomes and bring joy back to caregivers. PerfectServe has 25 years of experience and is a trusted partner to more than 500 hospitals and 30,000 medical practices.

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