Automated medical answering service

PerfectServe’s automated medical answering service will make sure you never miss a patient’s call again and all patient messages are delivered to the right physician at the right time with 100% accuracy.

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No more answering service operator errors

Because our medical answering service is fully automated and customized for your practice’s call routing guidelines, there’s never an opportunity for operator error.

We build customized workflows for every physician who takes call, so our automated answering service can instantly identify whether a patient call is urgent or routine and route the call appropriately.

There are never routing mistakes or missed messages.

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Non-urgent after hours messages get delayed until business hours

Our automated answering service solution uses your physician call schedule and each physician’s individual notification preferences to determine when a physician receives a message.

If a patient calls after hours with a non-urgent message, PerfectServe’s medical answering service delays the message until the next working day, so your physicians never have to worry about being interrupted with routine notifications after hours.

Receive all after-hours messages in one application

PerfectServe’s medical answering service eliminates the middle man. Rather than calling into an answering service or receiving faxes, physicians receive messages from their patients directly on their smartphones, and it all happens in the PerfectServe app.

Medical answering service features:

  • Automatic call and message routing
  • Delayed delivery of routine and non-urgent messages
  • Direct patient messages to on-call provider’s smartphone
  • Masked physician callback number
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PerfectServe’s medical answering service replacement includes:

  • After-hours and/or 24/7 call and message routing
  • Flat monthly rates with no hidden fees
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • 24/7/365 dedicated customer service

How much could you save?

After switching to PerfectServe’s automated medical answering service, Southwest Cancer Center in Orlando started seeing boosts in physician and patient satisfaction, and they saved money.

“The switch has really been amazing. We’re saving on average around $1,100 a month.”

– Cara Bertone, practice manager at Southwest Cancer Center

Southwest Cancer Center

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