Automating ED call schedules at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

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Nowhere is the on-call schedule more challenging than in an Emergency Department. By definition, every case is an emergency. By necessity, the ED must be able to quickly reach the on-call physician in every service line. And within hours of any given day, the ED’s list of on-call doctors is likely to be out of date.

Now imagine five EDs, together treating more than 100,000 patients a year and needing to reach on-call doctors in more than 30 departments, each with
its own constantly changing call schedule.

That was the situation faced by St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky. One of the oldest and largest medical providers in the Greater Cincinnati
region, St. Elizabeth Healthcare encompasses seven hospitals, 1,200 physicians with admitting privileges, nearly 100 primary care and specialty
office locations, three freestanding imaging centers, two ambulatory surgery centers—and five very busy Emergency Departments.

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