Complete, Optimized Provider Scheduling

Balance provider preferences with organizational needs and patient demand.

Complete, Optimized Provider Scheduling

Balance provider preferences with organizational needs and patient demand.

Optimized scheduling workflows for:

For better patient care and improved outcomes.

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Research shows that ineffective scheduling contributes to burnout.

  • 42% – Nearly half of all physicians report experience burnout.
  • 7% – More than 7% of nearly 7,000 doctors had considered suicide in the prior 12 months.
  • $7.75 million – Stanford Medicine estimates burnout costs them at least $7.75 million per year.

Download our physician burnout guide for more information.

Providers with Optimized Scheduling enjoy:

  • Schedules built to accommodate provider preferences.
  • Access to real-time schedule updates anywhere, anytime.
  • A centralized request calendar with instant time-off approval.
  • Easy, online shift changes and schedule adjustments.
  • Even shift and call distribution.
  • Schedule transparency.

Schedulers are doing their best.

Piecing together complex schedules is time consuming and ensuring providers’ requests are balanced with organizational requirements is a difficult task. Every department is unique—each having hundreds of rules and preferences to manage—and cross-departmental insights are often unavailable.

  • Average Administrator Time Spent Managing Schedules Per Year: 291 Hours

Reclaim schedulers’ time and achieve:

  • 90% Schedule Accuracy
  • Centralized Time-Off Requests
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Full Transparency

A solution focused on creating a complete and nimble schedule:


Single platform optimizing enterprise and departmental rules and preferences


Real-time application supporting dynamic updates


Robust reporting for key metrics and indicators


Full digital access

Better Results

  • Eliminate Gaps
  • Speed Time to Treatment
  • Maximize Resources
  • Support HIPAA-Compliance
  • Meet Patient Demand
  • Boost Provider Satisfaction
  • Improve ROI
  • Reduce Liability
  • Ensure Accurate Communication
  • Create Complete Schedules
  • Increase Solution Adoption
  • Enhance Patient Safety
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*Selected commentary collected about PerfectServe Secure Communications by KLAS 2019, visit for a complete view.

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