Patient and Family Engagement Overview

PerfectServe’s Patient and Family Engagement tool is comprehensive, flexible and secure. It allows you to connect with your patients through convenient text messages.

Comprehensive patient engagement tool

With PerfectServe, you can quickly send messages that link your patients to timely, relevant educational materials, enable self-service scheduling capabilities and connect people with their healthcare portal.

HIPAA-compliant bi-directional messaging

Our proprietary, secure web application lets you message your patients in a HIPAA-compliant environment for safe and secure exchange of PHI.

Personalized messaging based on social determinants of health

Using insights driven from social determinants of health, we can personalize messaging and calls-to-action, continually refining based on patient responses to drive higher engagement.

Additionally, using our social determinant index, we can predict situations such as how living in a food desert may be a barrier to good health. We can then take actions such as sending a coupon for fruits and vegetables or sharing other food-support-related resources.

  • 92% of adults own a cell phone
  • Texting is the #1 phone activity
  • 99% of text messages are read — 91% of them within 3 minutes
  • Combines scheduled and on-demand messaging
  • Integrates easily into your organization’s workflow
  • Drives utilization of portals and apps
  • Offers a quick and easy implementation

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