Streamlining clinical communication | Advocate Health Care

Hear from clinicians at Advocate Health Care on how PerfectServe Synchrony has helped provide immediate access to the right care team member, enabling effective and efficient patient care.

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How PerfectServe empowers clinical workflows in healthcare

Have you ever wasted time trying to track down the right physician? Or been frustrated when you wait for a callback or response? PerfectServe’s cloud-based architecture and proprietary technology, Dynamic...

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PerfectServe answering service replacement

How much is your antiquated, error-prone answering service really costing you? Learn how PerfectServe's answering service replacement will make sure that you never miss an important call or message again.

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PerfectServe at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center

In this video, we showcase the success of PerfectServe at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center and how we helped to cut the physician call back time from an average of...

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Improving clinical communication

PerfectServe helps hospitals and health systems overcome complex challenges and new levels of risk. Find out more.

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