Large Nephrology Practice Unifies Communication with PerfectServe

Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates, P.A.

Greater Baltimore, MD

Implemented Solutions:
Practice Communication & Patient Engagement


Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates (MANA) works with 13 hospitals and has 8 office locations and 2 surgical Access Centers in the Greater Baltimore area. They serve over 1,700 patients annually and have a staff of 53 providers—39 physicians and 14 advanced practitioners.


Before PerfectServe, beepers were standard practice. Doctors  and nurses only received a number to call with no message from the patient. They had little to no control over their own schedules,  and it wasn’t unusual for the wrong provider to be contacted,  even when that provider was out of the office. Further, they didn’t have a secure way to communicate and share images or files  with colleagues.

In the initial set up of PerfectServe, dialysis units were set up with web access accounts in order to reach the MANA providers directly.  However, they shared usernames and passwords.  They would often get locked out of the system by trying to log in at multiple sites.

Real-Time Schedule Sync Updates

Since implementing PerfectServe, practice managers have been given control over the schedules for nurses and physicians. The managers can see everything in one place without wondering if schedules have been changed. And, even when they do change, everything syncs in real time.

In addition to the schedule sync, practice managers are able to send out group texts to their  staff. When conditions are out of the ordinary (opening late, early closures, power outages, etc.), they can immediately notify the whole team.

Fail Safes in Place

With PerfectServe, every MANA office has a default provider for after-hours calls. If a patient calls an office at 6:30 PM and hurriedly attempts to skip through the menu or selects prompts to get to a live person, the calls are routed to that default provider. This ensures that all calls are handled promptly by a provider.

“All managers receive a backup notification when a provider hasn’t responded within 45 minutes. In this way, no calls are ever missed.”

– Tracy Guringo
Practice Manager | Owings Mills, Towson, and Franklin Square locations

Customized Voicemail Greetings

If the offices are closed during regular business hours, the practice managers are able to choose any greeting they want callers to hear, such as closed for a meeting or holiday. With inclement weather or unexpected events, they have freedom to update the greeting with relevant information and protocols. They can set up additional prompts and route to various locations and providers on call.

Time to Rethink Your Practice Communication?

Connect across inpatient and outpatient settings using a single directory, including physician-to-physician collaboration via real-time calls and secure messaging:

  • Push notifications routed by priority rules.
  • Listen and respond to messages via voice-to-text transcription.
  • Access all your messages in a single inbox.
  • Send the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Manage team schedules efficiently.

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