Revolutionizing healthcare communications

Dynamic Intelligent Routing

Never has communicating with the care team been so smart and easy. Designed to transcend geographic and organizational barriers, our proprietary software connects you to the right person, right when you need them.

Customized algorithms

We compile and maintain all the workflow rules, call schedules and contact preferences for every workgroup, practice and care team member.

Targeted coordination

Never worry about figuring out who’s on call. Dynamic Intelligent Routing® connects you to the right person who can take action at that moment.

Patient-centered access

All you need to know is the patient’s name. PerfectServe® instantly shows and connects you to the team members caring for that patient at that time.


Supports and unifies all devices and modalities. Smartphones, Web browsers, landline phones, VoIP devices, pagers and SMS text.

Responsive escalation

PerfectServe knows when the recipient has read a message. Unread messages automatically escalate based on defined protocols.

Advanced search

Easily connect with any member on the PerfectServe platform inside your organization and across your healthcare ecosystem.


Your current technology investments will go even further when integrated with our cloud-based platform. Enable communication-driven workflows with your EMR and clinical point solutions, including:

  • Nurse call
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Scheduling

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Trust and security

Security is a requirement of patient-centric communications, which is why it’s at the heart of our platform.

  • Meets HIPAA secure messaging requirements & HiTrust standards
  • Filters PHI from non-secure messages sent to e-mail, SMS text or pagers
  • No PHI data is cached on mobile devices
  • Data is encrypted during transmission and in storage

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Analytics and reporting

PerfectServe enables you to establish standards for your communication processes. Our analytics allow you to measure performance against your standards and improve over time.

  • Automatic documentation of conversations
  • Detailed event tracking reports with time/date stamps, retrieval times and more
  • Account managers to assist in data management
  • Multiple reports available to aid in compliance and effectiveness

Partnership for success

PerfectServe brings a proven ability to drive high adoption and change in your organization, and helps you sustain that change over time.

  • Technical and clinical consultants work closely with you to implement the solution to meet your clinical objectives
  • Customized algorithms enable high adoption and process improvement
  • Phased, milestone-driven approaches and guided plans for platform use

Your partner for high adoption

Patient Engagement

PerfectServe enables you reduce readmissions and get your patients engaged with secure, HIPAA-compliant physician-to-patient text messaging.

  • Send and receive HIPAA-complaint text messages
  • Build strong patient-provider relationships
  • Cut appointment no-show rates by up to 50%
  • Reduce readmission risk by up to 30%

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