Clinical communication: Is yours reliable, rapid and secure?

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With the growing shift to value-based care and shared-risk contracts, care coordination has become a top priority for hospitals and physician practices across the country. Efficient, reliable clinical communication is critical to achieving effective coordination among clinicians across the entire continuum of care.

Unfortunately, clinical communication is a source of inefficiency, frustration— and worse—for many healthcare organizations. In fact, The Joint Commission has repeatedly found that communication breakdowns are among the top three causes of errors within hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations.

In addition, the security of clinical communication is a growing concern, with costly HIPAA breaches occurring with increasing frequency. The exploding use of personal devices for professional communication—many of which fail to use secure networks and encryption—has made ensuring the security of electronic protected health information (ePHI) a high priority for many healthcare leaders.

A patchwork of partial solutions is unlikely to fix the deepening communication concerns facing healthcare organizations today. Hospitals and physician practices are in serious need of a comprehensive, secure communication system that effectively addresses these issues.

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