Unify Practice Communications to Streamline Operations

When practice communication is fragmented, it can cause routine tasks to become tedious and time consuming. Compounded with complex scheduling, the chance for error increases, exacerbating any existing operational gaps. In this webinar, two speakers from Associated Urological Specialists—Aaron Berger, MD, a Board-Certified Urologist, and Cindy Grogan, the organization’s senior office manager—will provide a case study detailing how AUS leveraged PerfectServe’s Practice Communication solution to alleviate operational challenges.

This 60-minute webinar will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Employ intelligent communication routing to improve daily workflows.
  • Apply integrated, real-time call schedules to time.
  • Examine your vendor footprint can reduce redundancy.


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Replay: Unify Practice Communications to Streamline Operations

February 17, 2021
01:00 PM


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