Streamlining secure communications across the continuum of care

Balboa Nephrology

Administrators of Babloa Nephrology, a San Diego-based group practice with more than 20 locations and facilities, were aware that their organization’s clinical communications processes were in need of updating.

First, they were concerned about the possibility that staff were sometimes sending text messages with protected health information (PHI) via unsecure personal mobile devices. Ensuring compliance with HITECH and HIPAA regulations and reducing the risk of security breaches were top priorities for the group.

Second, both administrators and care providers wanted to move from using older technology, such as pagers for clinical communications, to using the mobile devices that the providers were already relying on for other communications.

And third, they wanted a more reliable communications process, as the systems used for the pager and answering services occasionally failed to transmit messages correctly or to the right person.

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