Intelligent clinical communications are key to transfer center’s success

Wellstar Success Story

Health system:

WellStar Health System


Atlanta, GA



ED visits:


Key result:

90% of all transfer communications completed in five minutes or less, with an average response time of just 3.5 minutes

When the new WellStar Transfer Center in Atlanta went live in August 2013, it was with a clear mission in mind: to enable physicians to communicate quickly, easily and directly so that patient hand-offs could be handled as seamlessly as possible.

In the transfer’s center’s first year, it received more than 2,600 patient transfers but experienced issues when looking to see when and why transfer processes broke down and how often patients were sent to other facilities.

The issues WellStar was facing were not unusual. Administrators had no way of knowing when or why transfers were breaking down or how often patients were being sent to other facilities. They had a sense that there were problems but they could not isolate or quantify them.

No clear-cut, repeatable process existed for fast-tracking connections between referring physicians and the appropriate WellStar clinicians. Communication was always on an ad hoc basis, and depended largely on a paper trail. So WellStar leadership decided to design a whole new system from the ground up.

Learn how, with PerfectServe in place, WellStar Transfer Center leaders were able to track process breakdowns and make lasting protocol improvements that resulted in 90 percent of all transfer coordination communications taking place in five minutes or less.

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