Automating stroke response for efficiency and effectiveness

stroke response time success story

When a patient exhibits symptoms of a potential stroke, time is the most important consideration in the battle between life and death. As they continually strive to deliver the best patient care, healthcare systems work to reduce the time involved in every segment of the process: door to tPA; door to CT; rst neurology exam; and more. The strongest programs are able to meet the criteria to become credentialed as Primary Certi ed Stroke Centers. One such program is Genesys Regional Medical Center in Michigan.

According to Rebecca Banat, RN, Director, Neuroscience, Stroke Center,

Neuro Tele-Med & Oncology Services at Genesys Regional Medical Center, “We have been accredited as a certi ed stroke center three times, but we knew we still had opportunities for improvement.” Some of the issues they faced were:

  • A pager system that was unreliable, with delayed delivery of messages
  • Inconsistent messaging content, which led to confusion among responding clinicians
  • A work-around that used overhead paging, disrupting the hospital’s intent to provide a quiet healing environment

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