San Jacinto Methodist Hospital standardizes clinical communication on PerfectServe

Knoxville, TN

May 22, 2015

First Texas hospital replaces hospital communication system with PerfectServe to improve coordination of care

PerfectServe announced today that San Jacinto Methodist Hospital (SJMH) in Baytown, Texas, has launched its intelligent clinical communications service to improve the coordination of care among nurses, physicians and hospital staff.

“Unlike many new technology implementations, the ‘switch’ from our confusing and cumbersome older methods of contacting doctors was remarkably smooth,” said Dr. Bruce Kennedy, SJMH chief medical officer. “Everyone loves the new system, especially our emergency department doctors, because it’s so much more efficient to contact an admitting physician or consultant using PerfectServe.”

Since PerfectServe  was launched at SJMH, all the variables required for nurses and physicians to accurately determine which physician to reach at any given moment in time — and how to do so — are assembled and maintained within the clinical communication platform. These include all the communication and information delivery workflows, call schedules and contact preferences for every member of SJMH’s medical staff, for every moment of every day.

“PerfectServe understands the complexities of physician schedules as evidenced by the functionality of their product making it more easily accepted and adopted by physicians,” said Donna Gares, SJMH chief executive officer. “Nursing and other clinical staff have been thrilled with the service, and it is one of the best companies that I have encountered in a long time relative to their responsiveness and service orientation.”

Every SJMH physician — inside and outside the hospital — is connected to PerfectServe’s single network platform and directory.  Access is provided via a single number, or via a single Web portal and mobile Android, BlackBerry and iPhone applications.

“Physicians receiving calls through the new system especially like the direct doctor-to-doctor communication because they are no longer put on hold when they call back to the ED,” said Kennedy. “It’s a ‘win-win’ for everybody.”

SJMH is now processing more than 2,750 clinical communication transactions each week, and 86 percent of those transactions go directly to the physician’s personal device (phone or pager). This suggests that the hospital has achieved a critical level of process standardization. Every transaction on the new process is documented automatically, and PerfectServe analytics give Gares and other SJMH clinical leaders the tools to continuously improve their communication processes over time.

SJMH is PerfectServe’s first deployment within The Methodist Hospital System®, which is comprised of a leading academic healthcare institution in the Texas Medical Center and four community hospitals serving the greater Houston area.

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