50 most promising healthcare tech solution providers 2015

CIO Review

November 27, 2015

Healthcare is in the middle of a transformation–a transformation driven by technologies. The emerging trends from wireless sensor technology and remote patient monitoring to Big Data analytics and electronic patient portals are redefining where and how healthcare is being delivered.

In this scenario, for the healthcare providers who are still resistant to technology, there is a big problem on hand: They are going to be left behind in the competition. In this technology “revolution”, the major part is played by Electonic Health Records, which is facilitating the seamless flow of data. The goal is for doctors, nurses, patients, researchers, and insurers to share useful medical data for enhanced care delivery. Another catalyst in this revolution is the ever-increasing ubiquity of mobile and cloud platforms that surpass merely the ability to track in real-time a patient’s health. These platforms capture the data from disparate sources such as wearables, and phones and pulls it all together to give a patient and caregiver a holistic and real-time view of the patient’s health.

In this scenario, in order to simplify and assist CIOs identify the right Healthcare Technology solutions; CIOReview presents “50 Most Promising Healthcare Tech Solution Providers 2015.”

See who made the list.

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