How to ease consumer health data privacy, security concerns

HealthIT Security

August 12, 2015

With an increase in mHealth options, and more healthcare organizations implementing BYOD policies, it is not surprising that consumer health data privacy and security concerns exist. However, a recent survey found that nearly one-quarter of consumers are concerned that their health information may become compromised through connected devices.

A new Parks Associates survey found that 23 percent of US broadband households have health data privacy and security concerns when it comes to connected devices. Moreover, 23 percent of survey respondents said that they have similar concerns with fitness tracking devices.

Parks Associates Director of Health and Mobile Product Harry Wang explained in an interview with that the survey has important takeaways for healthcare providers. There is significant consumer demand for stronger privacy and security measures when it comes to connected health devices, Wang said, and organizations need to ensure that they are doing better in those areas.

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