Put down the phone, and other communication lessons from healthcare professionals

HIE Answers

August 17, 2015

Nowadays, there are a dozen different ways we can communicate with one another. We can stop by in-person and talk face-to-face, or pick up the phone and chat. We can use Facebook to ‘Like’ life updates, email an interesting article, text to say we’re running late or use Instagram to share a memory. Some of these modes of communication have been around forever, but for others, we’re still continuing to teach each other the rules of the road and associated etiquette.

Healthcare is facing some of these same communication challenges. While no one is using Snapchat to send patient updates (as far as I know!), communication within the EHR or via text is still fairly new. According to a recent survey of 955 healthcare professionals[1] conducted online by Harris Poll and commissioned by PerfectServe, there’s a big gap between the way clinicians are communicating and the way that they’d prefer to communicate.

Read on to learn the important lessons PerfectServe’s Terry Edwards has to share.

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