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Support patients and their families before, during, and after care. Our solution is HIPAA-compliant and easy to implement for better patient encounters, ranging from complex surgeries and in-patient stays to primary care appointments and wellness visits. See for yourself how our text-first patient engagement platform is designed to increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes, and reclaim your team’s time for patient-centered care.

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Care Navigation

Wellness & Preventative Care Reminders

Provide proactive wellness education tips and well-child reminders.

Pre-Appointment Instructions

Send appointment reminders, wayfinding, and patient preparation paperwork and instructions.

Post-Appointment Follow-Ups

Reduce readmission risk with post-discharge questionnaires, care instructions, and prescription reminders. Send satisfaction surveys to identify opportunities for improvement.

Chronic Condition Management

Reach out to patients to gather assessment data and send care plan reminders, wellness advice, and links to educational resources.

Two-Way Messaging

Maintain ongoing engagement with automated outreach and bi-directional, 1:1 responses when patients need extra support.

Connect Live With
Care Team Chat

When PHI is required, invite the patient into an encrypted channel for a secure chat.

About PerfectServe®

PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication solution is trusted by hundreds of facilities across the US to improve key metrics such as readmissions, satisfaction, no-show rates, and HEDIS scores.

Remote telehealth patient visit on a cell phone.