PerfectServe Acquires AnesthesiaGo, a First-of-Its-Kind Solution for Auto-Generating Daily Case Assignments for Anesthesia Staff

With AnesthesiaGo and Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt, PerfectServe enhances position at the forefront of advanced scheduling technology

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. [January 11, 2022] ­— PerfectServe®, a leading provider of cloud-based clinical collaboration and provider scheduling solutions, today announced the acquisition of AnesthesiaGo, purveyor of the healthcare industry’s only intelligent case scheduling platform for anesthesiology staff.

“At PerfectServe, we are intent on adding functionality to our solutions that supports workforce and resource management, increases patient access to care, and improves speed to care,” said PerfectServe CEO Guillaume Castel. “By redesigning clinical and operational workflows that are typically bogged down by friction, we are championing provider and care team wellness and taking meaningful action to reduce burnout. AnesthesiaGo is an ideal complement to our feature set, and we’re excited to work with Dr. Bronson and his team to bring this much-needed solution to a wider audience.”

AnesthesiaGo is the only solution on the market that auto-generates daily OR case scheduling for the anesthesia team using a rules-based algorithm. Through deep integration with PerfectServe’s Provider Scheduling powered by Lightning Bolt and EHRs, AnesthesiaGo promotes efficiency and transparency for all surgical staff, improves OR resource utilization, and helps prevent cases being delayed or canceled because of errors associated with manual scheduling processes. With provider wellness in mind, AnesthesiaGo also supports a teaming (or best match) mechanism pairing surgeons and anesthesiologists who work well together.

“I launched this company because I saw a major gap in the market for scheduling technology that caters to the specific needs of anesthesia staff,” said AnesthesiaGo CEO Dr. Michael Bronson, a board-certified anesthesiologist. “Building a daily case schedule is often stressful and time-consuming, so we designed a rules engine for AnesthesiaGo that quickly and reliably creates the best schedule for any team of providers by minimizing downtime between cases, optimizing providers to specialty cases, and reducing unnecessary human errors with the scheduling process. The results are powerful, the growth has been exciting, and I’m looking forward to a new chapter with PerfectServe, where I believe we can greatly expand our impact.”

AnesthesiaGo customers have seen outcomes that readily demonstrate the benefits of leveraging automated scheduling:

  • Daily schedules are completed an average 44 minutes faster per day than traditional manual methods.
  • Downtime between cases is decreased by 13% on average while still accounting for turnover and drive time.
  • The average time to create and deliver a schedule to pertinent personnel is just 12 minutes.

The solution offers additional value for health systems and anesthesia practices with built-in analytics about providers, residents, as well as case delays and cancellations. These analytics can be used to increase revenue potential, track resident cases needed or completed for graduation, and improve overall operational performance.

To learn more about AnesthesiaGo, visit the PerfectServe website.

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