Clinician Burnout Report

Clinician burnout is hurting doctors, costing healthcare organizations millions, and putting patients at risk. This report outlines the latest facts and figures, key symptoms and...

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The Real Cost of On-Call Scheduling

On-call schedules can accelerate—or immobilize—care delivery across your hospital. Learn how on-call schedules are tied to care delays and wasted time. 

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CMIO’s Guide to Selecting a Clinical Communication Platform

Clinical communication solutions have evolved from basic HIPAA-compliant texting programs to system-wide collaboration solutions that influence key hospital metrics like patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction. ...

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The Rise of Emoji in Healthcare Communication

Emoji are everywhere—nearly 10 billion are exchanged around the world every day. But as digital keyboards have proliferated, how are these little emotion-packed icons showing...

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Image of Using Text and Video for Secure Patient Visits White Paper

Using Secure Text and Video for Patient Visits

Patient habits and expectations have changed as a result of the pandemic. Read how medical practices are using better patient communication methods through secure text,...

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