New CEO Guillaume Castel: Joining PerfectServe is all about improving healthcare

Like many industries today, healthcare is overflowing with data. As electronic health records (EHRs) have risen to become the industry standard for clinical data, so...

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4 reasons why patient education should be a priority

As providers continue to evolve away from fee-for-service healthcare and towards a value-based care system, patient education is becoming more important than ever. Value-based healthcare’s...

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The Net Impact of Poor Patient-to-Provider Communication

Poor communication between patients and providers is, unfortunately, all too common. Poor patient-to-provider communication leads to suboptimal outcomes, including poor health results for patients and...

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What physicians need to do to change patient behavior

Changing patient behavior is easier than you think Engaged patients have better outcomes, but healthcare providers often struggle to find effective — and scalable —...

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4 smartphones for nurses you should have on your mobility shortlist

Smartphones have the potential to transform the workflow of nurses and other hospital care givers.   Rather than carry around multiple devices, clinicians can use a single device as a...

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