“Where’s my nurse?”: How to empower nurses to spend more time with patients

As a new parent, there’s nothing scarier than being in your daughter’s hospital room when an alarm goes off and you can’t find her nurse....

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Four simple steps for reducing third-party service costs

In the age of near-constant mergers and acquisitions, health systems are taking on tremendous costs in the form of third-party — or purchased — services....

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Why secure messaging isn’t enough

In today’s health systems, secure messaging is a must-have, but it’s only one piece of a much larger clinical communication strategy. For hospitals around the...

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How to identify and address physician burnout

Across virtually every sector, professional burnout is quickly becoming an urgent issue for employers. Burnout is particularly common in fields like social work, teaching and...

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Getting it right: 10-point checklist for mobile devices and testing in nursing

This article originally appeared in Becker's Hospital Review on July 9, 2018. Use of mobile devices by nurses is increasingly prevalent in hospitals and health...

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