Group practice and post-acute success stories

Piedmont case study thumb

Piedmont Physician’s Group consolidates answering services for reduced costs and improved physician satisfaction

Piedmont Physician's Group chose PerfectServe to standardize its after-hours services across its expanding employed physician base, reducing costs by 21%. Learn how PerfectServe helped Piedmont...

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Advocate care team collaboration

Care team collaboration praised at Advocate Medical Group with implementation of PerfectServe

Advocate Medical Group (AMG), a Chicago-based medical group with over 1,500 physicians and specialists at more than 200 different practice sites, opened a centralized contact...

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Balboa Nephrology

Streamlining secure communications across the continuum of care

Administrators of Babloa Nephrology, a San Diego-based group practice with more than 20 locations and facilities, were aware that their organization’s clinical communications processes were...

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Southwest Cancer Center Success Story

Answering service replacement boosts physician and patient satisfaction with added benefit of cost savings

Who’s representing your practice — both to your patients and your staff — after hours? How well are they conducting business on your behalf? It’s...

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Premier Surgery PerfectServe Success Story

Improve clinical communications throughout complex practices

“Before PerfectServe, we had a typical answering service. They were satisfactory—but they weren’t innovating.” That’s Matt West, chief operating officer of Premier Surgical Associates. Premier...

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Summit Medical Group PerfectServe Success Story

Complicated physician call schedules simplified

Summit Medical Group, a consortium of more than 220 doctors with independent offices across a 13-county area of greater Knoxville, Tennessee, needed a better solution...

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IPC Seniorcare PerfectServe Success Story

Streamlined contacts, process transparency and HIPAA compliance at half the cost

IPC/Senior Care of Colorado is a hospitalist practice specializing in geriatric patients. Around 50 practitioners care for patients in more than 100 facilities, which include...

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