Effective Communication is Critical in a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly underscored the importance of effective and accessible communication for healthcare organizations. Find out how PerfectServe helps organizations keep staff, patients, and families connected during a crisis.

Vaccination Coordination

Rapid and safe vaccine distribution requires real-time coordination with clinicians, operational staff, patients, and their families at scale. PerfectServe can help.

  • Instantly Notify Staff and Patients of Changes in Supply, Location, or Procedure
  • Support Second Dosage Compliance With Automated Reminders
  • Triage Vaccine Follow-Up Questions and Concerns via Secure Text, Video, and Voice Messaging
  • Automatically Create and Deploy Schedules That Align Staff to Fluctuating Demand and Resource Availability

Secure Messaging

PerfectServe’s Patient & Family Communication solution makes it easy to initiate secure bidirectional text, video, and voice messages to patients and approved family members.

  • Update Patients’ Family Members in Real Time
  • Send Guidance, Reminders, and Education Using Automated Text
  • Survey Patients to Assess Condition and Satisfaction
  • Speed Inter-Clinician Communication With EMR Embedded Messaging

Video Calls From Anywhere

Seamless remote interaction is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient & Family Communication allows providers to conduct both scheduled and ad hoc video calls for patient visits, family updates, and virtual rounding across locations.

  • Access Video Calls From PerfectServe and Telmediq Apps
  • Easily Engage Patients—No App Downloads or Passwords Required
  • Reduce Risks of Infection With Remote Care Delivery
  • Protect Providers’ Personal Phone Numbers With Caller ID Masking

Virtual Waiting Room

Traditional waiting rooms can be melting pots for germs and bacteria. PerfectServe’s virtual waiting room capability allows mobile check-in to supports COVID-19 safety protocols while enhancing patient comfort and convenience.

  • Provide Arrival Instructions
  • Receive Patient Arrival Notifications
  • Send “OK to Enter” Notifications
  • Integrate Check-In With Scheduling/EMR/Practice Management

24/7 Answering Service

When live agents can’t operate due to impacts of COVID-19, PerfectServe’s automated solution offers the reliability and flexibility of a cloud-based infrastructure, unrestricted by location or manual operation. Protect patient access and deliver communication where, when, and how providers prefer to be reached.

  • Ensure 24/7 Call and Message Support
  • Feature Recorded COVID-19 Vaccine Information to Reduce Call Volume
  • Connect With the Correct On-Call Provider After Hours
  • Prevent Lost and Delayed Messages With Auto-Escalation
  • Triage Patient Concerns Quickly and Accurately With Rule-Based Routing

Surge Scheduling

Staffing needs fluctuate during crises like COVID-19. PerfectServe’s rapid surge scheduling solution supports resource optimization. Our solution generates flexible, balanced schedules to reduce burnout and quickly accomodate new or redeployed staff.

  • Easily Manage New Staff
  • Deploy Across New Locations, Parking Lots, Repurposed Facilities
  • Launch in 48 Hours
  • Pay as You Go: No Long-Term Commitments
  • Start/Stop Service as Needed

Crises like COVID-19 call for solutions that offer:

  • Fast Implementation With Low User Effort
  • Flexibility in Service Terms and Use Cases
  • Remote Patient Care and Communication
  • Real-Time Family Updates During Visit Limitations
  • Automated Schedules that are Easily Accessible and Adjustable for Flex Staff
  • Reliable Connections Across Locations and Devices
PerfectServe does it all, and we want to help.

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