Communication is Key in a Crisis

Healthcare workers on the front lines must stay connected with patients, families, and each other during COVID-19.

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Securely send updates to patients and approved family members.

PerfectServe Reach allows healthcare organizations to easily share updates with patients and their families with direct, secure messaging and video. Manage patient and family lists with file uploads and EMR integration at the enterprise level.

  • Update Family Members in Real Time
  • Send Guidance and Education via SMS
  • Survey Patients to Assess Condition

Easily conduct video calls without installing special apps.

PerfectServe Reach offers easy, browser-based video calling, allowing providers to perform virtual telehealth visits and complete virtual rounds from anywhere without any new apps or software.

  • Conduct HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Visits
  • Easily Deliver Remote Care
  • Reduce Virus Transmission
  • Protect Providers’ Personal Phone Numbers
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Speed up surge scheduling during crises.

Our rapid surge scheduling solution allows flexible staff and redeployed staff to be added to any schedule quickly. The schedules generated are balanced, flexible, and easy to update.

  • Easily Manage New Staff, Such as PT and Retired Providers
  • Deploy Across New Locations, Such as Parking Lots and Repurposed Facilities
  • Launch in as Little as 48 Hours
  • Start/Stop Service as Needed
  • No Long-Term Commitments – Pay as You Go

Rely on automated 24/7 answering services when live agents can’t operate.

Our automated Answering Service solution is cloud-based and unrestricted by factors such as location and human operation. Deliver secure, direct communication where, when, and how providers prefer to be reached.

  • 24/7 Call and Message Support
  • Connect With the Right Provider Every Time
  • Ensure Accurate, Timely Triage
  • Rule-Based Routing Reduces Interruptions
  • Auto-Escalation Prevents Lost and Delayed Messages
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PerfectServe supports COVID-19 response in several ways.

From announcing curbside patient testing to enabling social distancing for call agents, our solutions have been quickly adapted and optimized to meet the needs of our customers and their patients.

  • Broadcast Messaging to Staff About Emergency Protocols and Key Events
  • Instant COVID-19 Team Alerts
  • Virtual Call Center Support
  • On-Call Scheduling for Temporary Testing Sites
  • Patient Outreach and Guidance via SMS

COVID-19 calls for solutions that meet the following vital needs:

  • Fast Implementation With Low User Effort
  • Flexibility in Service Terms and Use Cases
  • Reliable Connection Across Locations
  • Support for Remote Patient Care
  • Outreach to Patient Families During Visit Limitations
  • Easily Accessible and Adjustable Scheduling for Flex Staff

PerfectServe’s solutions can do it all,
and we want to help.

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