Customers Validate PerfectServe as Top Performer in KLAS Interoperability Report



  • According to KLAS, PerfectServe is among CC&C vendors with the broadest support for integrations that is “pushing forward and achieving broad enterprise connectivity.”
  • To customers, this means PerfectServe supports third-party connectivity by allowing them to integrate more solutions without high costs.
  • PerfectServe respondents consistently reported the use of integrated communication workflows within the EHR.
  • PerfectServe’s Dynamic Intelligent Routing® technology was noted as critical to streamlining the EHR integration process.

The recent “Clinical Communications Interoperability 2024” report from KLAS analyzed the interoperability capabilities of top communication solutions on the market, examining how well vendors break down communication silos between departments and across organizations.

Customers validated that PerfectServe is “pushing forward and achieving broad enterprise connectivity” with support for a wide range of critical integrations.

Why it Matters

Over the past decade-plus, secure messaging systems have evolved into full-blown clinical communication platforms that serve as unified solutions for enterprise care team collaboration. Integration has been a key part of that growth.

More integrated solutions enable automation of more complex communication workflows, leading to more accurate, reliable, and efficient processes, more satisfied caregivers, and better patient outcomes. By offering solutions that enable interoperability with many other critical hospital systems, PerfectServe equips care team members with the right information at the right time to make the right decisions about patient care. That’s the ultimate goal as we progress toward a true real-time health system environment.

How KLAS Defines Interoperability and Measures Impact

Respondents to the KLAS survey were asked about vendor performance pertaining to four aspects of interoperability and about the impact of better integration on breadth of user adoption. The framework KLAS designed to measure a vendor’s interoperability examined customer ratings in the following areas:

  • Achieving Outcomes: Seven specific interoperability-enabled outcomes
  • Better Collaboration: Utility for healthcare stakeholders/partners
  • More Integrations: Connectivity for health-sharing information
  • Caregiver Convenience: Interoperability-enabled use cases
  • Breadth of Adoption: Proving results are real and replicable

PerfectServe 2024 CC&C KLAS Analysis

Achieving Outcomes

PerfectServe customers most likely to achieve at least five of seven measured outcomes

PerfectServe customers responded that the clinical communication solution has helped them connect to third parties to achieve specific outcomes. Example outcomes include improved response time to patients’ needs, improved staff safety, and reduced number of disparate solutions.

In this report, PerfectServe customers were most likely to report achieving at least five of the seven measured outcomes. According to customers, the key to PerfectServe’s success is investing time during implementations to understand key customer goals, work through technological barriers, and provide the necessary training needed to use the solution.

Better Collaboration

PerfectServe noted for ability to integrate with third-party solutions to enhance efficient communication

PerfectServe is passionate about working with customers to meet unique organizational goals. The report listed PerfectServe as a vendor driving customer-desired outcomes, such as making it easier for rapid response teams to meet emergent needs and allowing care teams to more appropriately distribute patient care responsibilities.

PerfectServe customers specifically noted the solution’s ability to integrate with third-party solutions that enhance efficient communication. PerfectServe offers over 250 integrations to support customer goals and enhance communication workflows.

More Integrations

PerfectServe supports broad third-party connectivity without excessive costs

One of PerfectServe’s leading objectives is to unify communications, and customers reported being able to make more third-party connections because PerfectServe listens and develops meaningful connections without adding excess charges.

As an example, PerfectServe’s Lightning Bolt Scheduling solution was noted as a valuable proprietary tool that helps customers make communication more seamless without excessive cost. Regarding Lightning Bolt, responding customers see “fewer barriers to integration and have successfully navigated connectivity hurdles” when sending messages to fellow care team members.

For organizations that don’t use Lightning Bolt, PerfectServe also integrates with all major third-party scheduling vendors, and its CC&C platform offers native on-call scheduling capabilities.

Caregiver Convenience

PerfectServe among vendors most consistently used within the EHR

KLAS notes that physicians “want messages from clinical communications tools to be embedded in the EHR workflow to remove the need to move between multiple systems.” Having to jump from application to application to accomplish simple tasks makes it harder for physicians to respond to patient needs in a timely manner. PerfectServe respondents to this survey were among those who most consistently reported the use of the CC&C platform within the EHR, meaning they get to experience the full benefits of integrated communication workflows, including decreased response times to patient needs.

Breadth of Adoption

PerfectServe had more customers represented than any other vendor

The final criterion—breadth of adoption—is included to ensure that a vendor’s technology has been validated at enough facilities to prove that its results are both real and replicable. To that end, PerfectServe had 24 customers represented in this report—the most of any vendor. PerfectServe has been around for more than 25 years and has a large footprint that includes tens of thousands of healthcare organizations around the country.

Summing Up PerfectServe’s Strengths

PerfectServe was at or near the top of each segment across the board, and customers validated the following measures (broken into three categories) as particular strengths:

By offering solutions that enable interoperability with other critical hospital systems, PerfectServe equips care team members with the right information at the right time to make the right decisions about patient care. That’s the ultimate goal as we progress toward a true real-time health system environment.

This report emphasizes PerfectServe’s ongoing dedication to offering best-in-class communication solutions that drive tangible outcomes for enterprise customers through superior interoperability. For more information, read the full KLAS Clinical Communications Interoperability 2024 report.

To learn more about integration opportunities with PerfectServe, head over to our comprehensive integrations page.

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