Healthcare is ripe for tools to enable value-based collaborative care

Terry Edwards

President and CEO


December 16, 2016

New payment models will require clinicians to collaborate around their patients in ways that they have not done so in the past. Increased collaboration is necessary to effectively coordinate a patient’s care among care team members who cross ambulatory, acute and post-acute care settings and organizations. To quote one esteemed health system nursing executive, “If you can’t communicate and exchange information with all of the people involved in an ACO or other new risk-sharing model, you can’t deliver quality care.”

Many obstacles exist, brought about by healthcare’s fragmented cottage-industry structure, which critically hinder efficient care team collaboration. The inevitable lack of communication, coordination and access to critical information points to our most prevalent problems with patient care.

Read the full article to learn more about overcoming communication challenges that impede value-based care.

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