Simplifying Radiology Shift Scheduling

March 10 at 1 PM ET Webinar - Eastern Radiologists used to build provider schedules in a spreadsheet. Learn how they streamlined their scheduling process to save time, reduce scheduling errors, improve provider satisfaction, and increase schedule visibility.

Replay: Unify Practice Communications to Streamline Operations

Unify Practice Communications to Streamline Operations – Learn more ways to streamline your practice workflows to save time in this webinar from PerfectServe.

Replay: Tapping a Hidden Source of Productivity: Provider Scheduling

If 2021 is to mark a successful recovery, increasing efficiency and workforce productivity is essential. Fortunately, there's an untapped opportunity hiding in plain sight.

Replay: The 1 Communication Strategy Clinicians Need Now

As healthcare organizations focus on ways to leverage current investments and reduce their vendor footprint, there is no room for extra clutter.

Replay: It’s About Time: Improving Care Delivery with Modern Practice Communication

Now is the time to make more substantive changes to your medical practice’s technology strategy to more effectively deliver care. Learn more in this webinar from PerfectServe.

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