Disaster & Emergency Communications Checklist

When inclement weather, natural disasters, and other emergencies happen, clear communication between healthcare providers, their communities, and their patients is critical.  

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It’s Your Time. Protect It.

Physicians are routinely interrupted after hours. Whether they have to take calls when they’re not on call, receive non-urgent interruptions outside of shift hours or...

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Beyond Secure Messaging

Hospital systems and medical practices alike are using secure clinical messaging platforms for more than secure messaging. When evaluating potential care team communication and collaboration...

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A mobile device strategy checklist

No matter which technology you choose, staff adoption of your device policy will depend on a plan that simplifies their workflow. Download and use this...

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2019 payment adjustments: How will MACRA impact your revenue?

MACRA rules will impact CMS payment adjustments beginning in 2019. But the preparation must begin this year. To ensure your medical practice receives the optimal...

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