Accelerate secure care team communication with PerfectServe

PerfectServe’s easy-to-use platform is designed for secure, fast and accurate clinical communication, helping clinicians focus on patient recovery, not HIPAA-compliant communication.

Simple & Secure Clinical Communication

Use any smartphone to send and receive HIPAA-compliant, secure text messages and voice messages with PerfectServe.

PerfectServe encrypts your text messages and voicemails and stores them in the cloud, so there’s no locally-stored data on your device, minimizing your HIPAA-compliance risk.

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Send secure texts and voicemails

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To start a secure conversation, just dial the number or use a directory to find your contact. It’s that easy.

Know when your messages are read

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PerfectServe timestamps each text messages and voicemail, so you always know what time messages are sent and read.

PerfectServe works with virtually any device

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PerfectServe doesn’t require any additional hardware, and you can access your conversations with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Communicate Without Barriers

Because all your PerfectServe information is stored in the cloud, there’s no need for on-device storage, and you can access your account from virtually any device, including facility-owned or personal smartphone, tablet and computer.

Storing all sensitive information in the cloud ensures that your text messages, voicemails and PHI are safe, even if your device is lost or stolen.

PerfectServe works inside and outside your hospital, so you can communicate securely anywhere.

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