Clinical Communication & Collaboration Built for Integration

Replace Your Answering Service and Eliminate Human Error

  • Assembles and maintains your practice’s communication protocols, call schedules and contact preferences for every moment of every day.
  • Calls and messages are delivered to the right person – reliably.
  • Physicians receive communications the way they want.
  • No more unnecessary interruptions. No more lost or delayed messages.

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Easily Connect With Colleagues

Connect with all other users in your community with advanced directory search.

  • Search for other users by name, specialty, organization, credentials, location, zip code and more
  • Send, receive and forward secure messages with attachments, including group messages

ID privacy

Protect Your Caller ID Privacy

Connect with patients any time without exposing personal contact information. Patients will only see your office phone number.

ID privacy
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Never Miss a Critical Patient Call or Message

Smart escalation means lower malpractice risk for you.

  • Monitors when you answer calls and retrieve messages
  • Automatically escalates notifications based on your protocols

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Manage On-call Schedules, Effortlessly

Your practice’s call schedules are built in. No need to maintain call schedules on paper or electronically and no need to distribute them when you make changes.

  • View and modify call schedules via mobile app and Web
  • Make changes on the fly
  • Call and message routing is updated in real time
  • Report on number of coverage hours

round robin web app
Integrations on mobile

Take the Burden Off your Front Office Staff

Coordinating providers connect with you, in the way you need. There’s no need for phone calls into your front office, since voice and secure text messages are routed directly to the right provider who can act – 24/7.

charge capture

Increase Reimbursement

No more lost charges or claim denials means no more lost revenue. Care coordination sets you up for alternative payment models.

  • Mobile charge capture at the point of care
  • Automated billing, customized to clinician workflow
  • Document care coordination for MACRA and MIPS compliance

Learn more about mobile charge capture

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What can PerfectServe® do for your physician practice?

Matt West

Premier Surgical Associates

Knoxville, TN

“[PerfectServe has] given us a system complex enough behind the scenes to meet all our needs, but with tremendous simplicity and usability. Not 8,000 different menu options, just six or seven different key functions that allow users to do what they need to.”Read the story


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